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Heron Pacific Fencing

Did you know that in addition to providing habitat mitigation solutions, the Wildlands team also provides fencing services?  With over 30 years of experience, Heron Pacific Fencing specializes in large ranch-style fencing and has worked throughout the state, from the California/Oregon border to San Diego.

As cattle ranchers, the need for dependable fencing and efficient corral systems was important to the success of our operation. From this demand grew the creation of Heron Pacific Fencing. Our awareness and ability to design-build or build-to-suit is what sets us apart. 


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Some of our more recent projects include: 

Twin Peaks Ranch - Willows, CA

8,600 acre ranch with build-to-suit corral accommodating 450 pair. Includes sorting pens, chutes and alleys to complete an efficient cattle processing facility.


Clover Valley - Beckwourth, CA

22-miles of wildlife friendly fencing

Fremont Peak, Mojave Desert - San Bernardino County, CA

12-miles of wildlife friendly fencing


Mechanical Fuels Reduction (a.k.a. mastication)

Mechanical fuels treatments utilize several different types of equipment to chop, mow, or reduce ladder fuels such as brush and small trees into relatively small chunks or chips, forming a compact layer of wood material that is distributed across the site.  Material varies in size, but is usually more course than that produced by standard chippers.  Compared to more loosely arranged fuels, the available oxygen supply in this dense fuel bed is reduced, resulting in potentially slower rates of fire spread than would have occurred if the area were left untreated.  Mechanical fuels reduction equipment includes skid steers, brush mulchers, mowers, and other devices.

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